Artist Bio

Gillian is a Florida native from Lakeland. Growing up attending art schools, she discovered her interest in painting very young, but it wasn’t until college did she learn to hone her talent into the realistic and unique style of painting she works with today. Gillian received her Bachelors’ Degree in Fine Art from the University of Florida in the Spring of 2017. Today she is a working studio artist and muralist, as well as a painting instructor.

Artist Statement

As a new age flora and fauna painter, I am interested in using natural elements such as animals’ divinely designed patterns that serve a function and purpose, combined with purely aesthetic cultural patterns. By placing both elements in the same frame, a conversation opens about the relationship between the pairing for the audience to analyze.  The painting style I have honed is based upon layering photographic imagery rendered using acrylics on canvas or walls. Playing with perspective in each piece by combining three-dimensional beings with two-dimensional patterns, my works have flat planes and dimensional aspects. This takes them out our the realistic landscape and into a new space where nature and culture have a balanced and symbiotic relationship. As the artist, my goal is to create an encounter for the audience, appreciating the intricacy of both senses of artistic intelligence. 

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