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Heyyy there sunshine, I’m Gillian!

I’m a lakeland based artist, muralist, and creative. I was fortunate to discover my gravitational pull toward painting as soon as I could hold a brush, and I’ve been slinging paint ever since. Attending schools for the arts throughout my primary and secondary education, I was exposed to an extensive amount of art history early on which has, no doubt, influenced my every brush stroke. In 2017 I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from the University of Florida. With a concentration in painting at UF, my art flourished and my dreams became larger than life. I began painting on anything from large scale canvases to massive murals.

I am inspired by natural elements such as animals’ divinely designed patterns that serve a function and purpose, combined with purely aesthetic patterns. By placing both elements in the same frame, a conversation opens about the relationship between the pairing, balance, and symmetry. My process incorporates photographic reference imagery rendered through richly saturated hues and whimsical compositions. My focus as an artist is reflecting the soul and spirit of flora & fauna, allowing the viewer to appreciate the subject outside of a realistic landscape and into a new space where nature and culture have a balanced and symbiotic relationship. While my work is ever evolving through each piece, I like to think of as “new age flora and fauna”.

I have turned my inspirations into my business, GFazioArt, and now get to travel all over painting murals. This is my hustle, fervor, and grind as a working artist, to which I am truly dedicated. Find me on social media painting with all the colors of the wind every day.

- Gillian Fazio

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